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Mixed Meat Package - Taste of Waseda Farms Package - Organic and Pasture Raised

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Certified Organic, Grass fed and pasture raised beef, pork and chicken, raised humanely and sustainably on our family farm in Door County, Wisconsin and partner farms in the Midwest.

Over 5 pounds of our most popular Organic Beef and Premium Pork.


Waseda Farms 100% Grass-Fed Certified Organic Black Angus Beef
(1) Ground Sirloin - 1 lb. packs
(1) Boneless Ribeye - 12 oz.

Waseda Farms Organically Raised Heritage Berkshire Pork
(1) Bacon - 1 lb. packs
(1) Center Cut Boneless Chops - 6 oz. chop
(1) Bratwurst - 1 lb. packs, 4 brats

FREE 1 lb. Ground Beef with purchase.

Total Pounds = 5.4 lbs