Our Land

We operate two main farms. In Door County, WI, we have 1,000 acres of pasture and hay land where we raise beef, pork, and have laying hens. In Norwood, MO, we have 2,600 acres of pasture dedicated to raising beef.

We farm our land organically and regeneratively. While many definitions exist for these farming methods, here’s what they mean to us:

  • Organic: We do not use synthetic chemicals ("poisons") that are prevalent on most farms today. Our animals are raised outdoors, year-round, in their natural pasture habitats.
  • Regenerative: This starts with focusing on healthy soil, which supports all the food and meat we produce. Healthy soil is full of living organisms that nourish the roots and work in harmony with nature.


These Practices at Work

Our 3,600 acres are primarily used for grazing our cattle. The land is divided into over 100 different pastures. Our cows graze an area for 1 or 2 days, then move to a new pasture, not returning to the original one for 1 to 4 months. This grazing method mimics how bison grazed the Great Plains for thousands of years.

By avoiding poisonous chemicals on our animals or land, the natural ecosystem thrives on our farms. It begins with soil microbes feeding plant roots, followed by earthworms aerating the soil and breaking down cattle dung. Without poisonous chemicals, bugs inhabit our land, controlled by birds and other wildlife, creating a balance "the way Mother Nature intended." Walking our farms, you'll see more wildlife than on any conventional farm.

Our pastures don't have just 1 or 2 types of grasses; they boast 20 to 40 different plant species. "If it’s green and the cows eat it, it’s not a weed." This plant diversity fuels the ecosystem, produces more forage per acre, and ultimately results in healthier cows and beef.