About Us

Jeff and Lisa Shefchik live in the Green Bay, WI area with their five kids. Despite their busy family schedule, they spend as much time as possible on their farms in Norwood, MO, and Baileys Harbor, WI.


Jeff's Story:

"I grew up in Luxemburg, Wisconsin, raising animals for the county fair and spent five years working on a neighbor's dairy farm. After earning a degree in accounting and finance, I worked in an office for 25 years, most of those years as president of Paper Transport, Inc. Despite my successful career, I felt a strong pull back to the land and animals.

After several years of research, I decided to raise cattle and produce healthy grass-fed beef. In February 2022, I purchased a 2,600-acre cattle ranch in Norwood, MO. After 18 months of organizing operations and acquiring the right breeds of cattle, I was ready to start building the beef sales business. At that time, the Lutsey family offered me the opportunity to purchase Waseda Farms. They had spent 15 years building Waseda Farms and were ready to move on.

Although I had the cattle ranch in Missouri, my family and I still lived in the Green Bay, WI area. Combining my beef ranch with Waseda’s strong brand was a perfect match. Farming is my first passion, but delivering healthy food that improves people's lives is a true honor. As farmers, we love what we do, and the outcome of our work feeds our families, friends, and neighbors."