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Beef Liver Pet Treats - Grass Fed

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Made from 100% Grass Fed Black Angus cattle raised humanely on a partner farm in the Midwest.

The perfect treat for your best friend – your amazing pet.

After giving our pets a taste of our dried beef liver, Farmer Tom knew he was on to something good. The excitement and the delectable taste (to our dogs!) caught on... and now we offer the ever-popular "Crack for Dogs."

Made of beef liver, then dehydrated, this is a healthy beef snack with necessary nutrition including (1) vitamins and minerals (A, B-2, B-12, Zinc, Iron, Selenium) and (2) essential amino acids for healthy body repair and maintenance. These liver morsels can be a great tool for coaching obedience, a worthy reward for great behavior, and a decadent delicacy after lots of tongue-dangling, tail-wagging fun.

Two sizes: Small baggie 3.2 oz. and Large container 6.4 oz.