The Waseda Farms Family Way

At Waseda Farms, we help families learn about the benefits, taste the difference and enjoy the process of living a healthy life through organic food—because what we choose for our family is one of the most important decisions we can make. Our way:

 - Grow crops and raise animals organically, sustainably and humanely, including no GMOs, no toxic pesticides, and no hormones or antibiotics

 - Distribute to families and premier restaurants & grocery stores

 - Educate on good, organic food & advance the cause of organic farming

Waseda Farms Online Marketplace

 -We are a family farm that produces amazing, humane, and sustainable meat with goal of sharing the fruits of our labor with everyone in America.

-We are shipping a very perishable product.  We take great care to ensure that you receive it in perfect condition.

-We ship all orders Monday-Wednesday to ensure that your order does not get stuck in a warehouse over the weekend.

-We ship all orders using UPS overnight delivery.  Your order will be left with no signature required.

-All our products are shipped frozen, except dog treats.  They leave our freezer at -10 degrees F.  

-We use a sustainable shipping container that is totally curbside recyclable.

-Please make sure you will be at the delivery address on the day of delivery.  Orders should be unpacked on the day of delivery.

-You will receive an email with your tracking number once we get your order ready.

-We only ship to the continental U.S.A.

-All prices listed are in US$.

-There is a $100 minimum on all shipping orders

Refunds, Returns and Cancellations

– If you have issues with your shipping, please reach out to our DePere store team.  We will need pictures of the container and the product.

– If you are unhappy with our products, please reach out to us at Help to discuss refund and return options.

– If you wish to cancel your order, please reach out to us BEFORE your order ships.  To cancel, please email our Help desk.

– Once the product ships, we are unable to refund you the shipping costs, unless it is the shipper’s responsibility.

– Any return shipping will be the responsibility of the sender.